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I’m Demmy Onink, a freelance product designer from Amsterdam. I use behavioural science to design products that help people meet their goals and improve their lives. Recently, I’ve helped people choose the right car, make better financial decisions, and properly dispose of their garbage.

Are you looking to align your product with your customers' goals? I would love to help you make it work.

How I can Help

Behaviour Design

I can help you nail your product-market fit

By focusing on your customers’ goals and using behaviour psychology to help them achieve those goals, we ensure that your product adds real value to their lives.


I can help you maximize your product's value

By designing a user experience that makes it fast and easy to use, so people will want to keep using your product and help grow your business.


I can help you fast forward big ideas

By facilitating design sprints, I can bring your stakeholders onto the same page to create and test new ideas so you'll know how to proceed with confidence.


I can help you prioritise the next features to work on

By carrying out user research and focusing on your users’ main barriers, we ensure that every feature you develop truly adds value for your customers.


I can help you minimize the risk of failure

By creating and testing realistic prototypes that help avoid the biggest pitfalls before going into production, saving valuable time and resources.


Easy investment management

Easy investment management

Easy investment management

Simplicity meets accessibility

Simplicity meets accessibility

Simplicity meets accessibility

About Me

Family Guy

I'm married and a proud dad to three great kids, two of them adults now. I love learning new things, meeting new people, and visiting new places. But what really inspires me is watching my kids grow up, figuring out life and coming up with questions about life that I never think about.

Accidental hipster

I live and work in the Amsterdam Oud-West. In the same square mile, where I was born and raised. I've seen this area change from an outworn neighbourhood everyone tried to flee, to a popular place everyone wants to live. A place where bearded vegans with yoga mats, replaced the anarchists and small-time crooks. I don't resist it anymore. I wear a flat cap, drink oat milk latte and work in tech. I am an accidental hipster with the appearance of a retired hooligan, much like this neighborhood.

Product designer

I have worked as a Behaviour Designer, UX designer, UI designer, and Service Designer. Each title expresses a different view on the role of design within the development of a product or service. Today I combine all of these roles to improve products in each stage of development, taking into account both customer's goals and business goals.

What makes us tick?

I think my fascination with behavioural psychology is just me trying to make sense of our sometimes illogical behaviour. We set these great goals for ourselves and then end up doing the exact opposite. It's as if our brains enjoy the irony. Frustrating, yes, but these flaws also make my job endlessly interesting. Regardless of the product, exploring what drives human behaviour never seems to bore.

Are you looking to align your product with your customers' goals?

Are you looking to align your product with your customers' goals?

I would love to help you make it work